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Estimate marketing ROI before investing

Make marketing investment decisions based on realistic data projections. Use our ROI calculator to gain visibility and create reasonable benchmarks



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Network Health

A foundation of CRM contacts and social followers works as a launchpad for marketing activities.


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Cost of Marketing

We have gone with the assumption of a basic organic content marketing campaign.


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Conversion Rate

Actual marketing ROI is linked to the sales’ teams ability to convert the leads that marketing delivers.


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Sale Value

The cost of the sale and the lifetime value of the customer factor into the short and long term ROI.

Here’s our Marketing ROI Calculator

Complete just 6 questions and we’ll email you the results!

    What is your CRM / email list size?

    How many clients and leads do you have in your company database?

    What is your sales conversion rate?

    What percentage of enquiries or leads become customers after speaking to a sales representative from your company?


    What is the average sale amount?

    What is the average transaction value for a new customer buying their first product / service?


    We've calculated the ROI you can get from Content Marketing - share with us your details and we'll email that through to you:

    How marketing is different for professional services SMEs

    Marketing for a professional services business is completely different to other business types. The intangible and “intimate” nature of the service, the “stickiness” and high customer lifetime value, and the importance of personal branding and thought leadership all necessitate a particular approach.

    Stop wasting money by “winging it”

    Even the best tactics, when disjointed from each other, will fail.
    Let’s streamline your brand and marketing activities!


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    Amortise Brand Spend
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