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B2B Video Marketing Services in Melbourne

Show them who
you really are
to build trust

Show them who you really are to build trust.

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Seeing is believing,
Seeing is trusting

Your competitors websites are saying very similar things to your website. And that’s the problem. Customers want to know what YOU are like. What your team and what your brand is really like. As people. And the written word is not enough to convince them that you’re a good fit.

Video enables connection like no other type of content. Here’s where it shines above written content.

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Video enables your customers to experience the real you.

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Video is easier to consume, connect with and recall.

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Scale Intimacy

Video helps customers feel like they know you before even meeting you.

What’s in a content marketing campaign?

A well-rounded marketing campaign gives focus and momentum to your marketing initiatives. Here are the components that make up a content marketing campaign.

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Why video

Attract the right customers that resonate with your brand’s purpose, culture and vibe.

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Team Videos

Help your customers get to know your team members before the first meeting by creating on-brand video portraits.

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Social Videos

Grow your personal brand with ‘snack-sized’ videos that repeat messages and keep you front of mind.

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FAQ Videos

Address common or difficult questions in video format to make it easier for your customers – they’ll appreciate it.

A speaker lies in the middle of a circle that is connected to a network of smaller circles
Case Study Videos

Help your customers understand what a journey with your brand looks like – this will improve your conversion rate.

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Many Other Videos

Use video for your landing pages, product introductions, testimonials, training and so much more…

Videos we’ve created

Here’s a sampling of some of the videos we’ve helped created.

Stop wasting money by “winging it”

Even the best tactics, when disjointed from each other, will fail. Let’s streamline your brand and marketing activities!

Our “Why” video production process


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Message alignment

We’ll help your team land on simple language around your identity and call to action.


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A casual chat

We create the piece of content you require, doing our best to get it right the first time.


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Walk and smile

We’ll create a relaxed environment to shoot the content in the format of an interview.


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Show off

We’ll cut that all together into a smooth 2-minute video that you can be proud to show off.

Beyond One and Done

In the grand pantheon of business strategy, the ‘one video fits all’ approach ranks right up there with the ‘let’s hope for the best’ plan. It’s about as effective as a chocolate teapot. Here’s an article on how to maximise a single shoot to get far more videos than you may have bargained for.

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