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Marketing for Finance, Engineering & B2B Businesses

Become a brand that customers value

We help you attract and nurture your ideal customers and grow your business.

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Trust is earned, not bought

Marketing is not about manipulation. It’s not about click-baiting or trying to go viral by any means possible. And neither is marketing about throwing money at paid advertising. Far from it! Good marketing is about building genuine connections between brands and customers. Here’s how we think about it.

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Here’s where trust is born. Customers are able to sense authenticity from marketing content.

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Customers seek brands that share their values and make purchase decisions accordingly.

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Marketing is effective when there is tactical and messaging cohesion across all platforms.


Manesh takes the time to patiently understand your business and what you are aiming to achieve with your marketing assets… I have experienced a renewed passion for the work that we undertake and now have a deeper understanding of how to better control and maximise our return on investment for our marketing spend.

Matt Zalensky

Director of a medium-sized accounting firm | Camberwell

I was blown away by their research and understanding of not only our business but our competitors. Manesh brought great enthusiasm and humour to our sessions and made the journey really enjoyable. I went into the first session kicking and screaming, but was converted day 1 and was totally engaged in the process. The end result has firmly put our business on a course to achieve our marketing goals. Can’t recommend them enough.


Wealth management fund Glen Iris

The team at Catalyst have helped us transform our business. They’ve managed to completely reinvigorate the way we brand the company all the way from our marketing strategy, to our website migration, and content marketing/social media.


Sales Manager of a nationwide engineering consultancy Moorabbin

His ability to ask questions to create insights on my business and target audiences, follow enough of a process to provide structure and allow conversation to flow, his analysis into my potential market and competitors were amazing. His patience and enthusiasm got me through more challenging issues and allowed for further research and his subject matter expertise has got me to a place well beyond that I thought possible.


Complex HR business owner & principal consultant Sydney

Stop wasting money by “winging it”

Even the best tactics, when disjointed from each other, will fail. Let’s streamline your brand and marketing activities!



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Get Strategic

Let’s get the fundamentals right the first time. Build the foundations for a strong brand, clear messaging and smart tactics.


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Invest Organic

Develop brand assets that will give you ROI in the long run. Deploy marketing tactics that strengthen your foundations.


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Grow Ballistic

Track and understand how the growth is happening and which tactics are working. Then optimise for even better results.


Use our ROI Calculator

The numbers have to make sense. We only work with clients when
we can deliver a minimum 5x return on marketing spend.

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Our Work for Professional Services SMEs

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The power of a single story

With a strategic approach to content marketing, we were able to help our client win a national multi-year contract worth >$4m.


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15,000 website visitors monthly!

With just a single backlink and a slow-but-steady content marketing strategy, our client achieved incredible results.


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Immediate results are possible

Within 1 month of running their first marketing campaign with us, our engineering client was able to achieve incredible results.


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500 new clients in 7 months

We helped this dormant veterinary practice re-open with a new owner and win 500 new clients in just 7 months.



Here’s exactly what matters in a simple, practical and actionable format! Use this template with your team to workshop THE most important brand and marketing discussion for growth.

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