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Get more leads from Google

We help connect brands with their ideal customers by ranking on Google and ensuring a relevant, value-adding and delightful user experience. Meet your customers when their looking for you.

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SEO is not about traffic – it’s about leads!

What’s the point of ranking if its not for the right keywords? What’s the point of a high number of website visitors of their going to the wrong pages? What’s the point if they are landing on the right pages but not flowing into the business? The SEO metric to track is really leads.

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Get Strategic

Be realistic about the keywords you are targeting. Avoid overly competitive, low volume keywords.

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Create a Magnet

Offer visitors compelling, high value content in exchange for their contact details.

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Ready to Nurture

Ensure that you have an automated email sequence or a sales process to welcome and nurture new leads.

SEO done right

Good SEO is about pleasing Google. But how does a business please Google? Well, Google helps internet users find exactly the answers they are searching by connecting them to credible sources that deliver a positive user experience. So, to please Google a company needs to 1) deliver high quality content, 2) provide good user experience and 3) prove their credibility as a source of truth.

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Create relevant content

Serve up content that answers the users’ search query. Make it easily readable and clearly sign-posted. The more thorough the answer, the better.

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Prioritise user experience

Make the content easily navigable. Include multi-media content like videos and images. Keep them on the page and enjoying the browsing experience.

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Speak to the robots

Google’s robots are reading your website all the time. Pages with good “schema”, heading hierarchy and lightning fast load times, are positive signals of thoughtful content.

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Grow digital credibility

Listing your business on relevant local directories is a key credibility indicator. Then, links from other authoritative websites also signal trustworthiness.

Stop wasting money by “winging it”

Even the best tactics, when disjointed from each other, will fail. Let’s streamline your brand and marketing activities!



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Audit & Strategy

We conduct a website audit, competitor analysis and keyword research. We then present both optimisation, keyword and content recommendations.


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Technical Optimisations

We conduct a website audit, competitor analysis and keyword research. We then present both optimisation, keyword and content recommendations.


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Content Optimisations

We ensure content readability, optimise meta descriptions and headings, reformat images and make other content improvements.


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Link Building

We ensure consistency in your NAP (name, address, phone) and ensure your company is listed on local business directories and other relevant websites.

Content Marketing: The SEO booster

SEO optimisation on its own is not enough. For better credibility and ranking on Google, the best businesses publish content on a regular basis. Both on their website and on socials. This reinforces SEO, compounds the efficacy of marketing initiatives and results in better business outcomes (more leads!).

Build your website SEO-ready

Not all websites are created equal. While optimisation can help, developing a well-optimised website from the outset will lead to better results. It starts with having a light, cleanly coded website that allows for integration with both your CRM and your optimisation tools. Talk to us about creating an SEO- ready website today.

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